The flags that we reject

The purpose of 100D Flags is to ensure you receive the absolute premium quality printed polyester flags.

There are many terrible features you can find on flags being sold today.

The majority of flags sold in the USA are now 68 Denier polyester fabric. Also known as "Fly Breeze" and other names. Besides being thinner fabric, many have other problems.

These are the features you should do not find on any of our flags.

1) Horribly misshapen flags. This can take a few different forms. Either severely irregular edges or the image on the flag is way off center itself.

2) Plastic header material. Some of the flags being sold have a weird transparent plastic header material that is not only unattractive but very fragile. I have even seen ones where there is writing inside the header material that is clearly visible because of its transparent nature.

3) Grommets that come corroded. Some factories produce flags that arrive with corroded grommets. I don't even know how they do this, but it is becoming more common. Sometimes the grommets are corroded and flags have what looks like rust stains from the grommets when you take them out of the packages.

4) Dye that runs. Some flags will bleed inside the packaging. So you open the flag up and ink is smeared. Usually, it is red ink.

5) Header card staples through the flag. This is something that should be easy to avoid, but some factories will put header cards on the flags and then staple the header card with both the staples penetrating both layers of the flag.

These are all increasingly common problems with the 68D flags being made now. The flags with the above defects are what I like to call "eBay Grade." Don't believe me? Just order a flag from eBay.

For more information click here: What are 100D flags.